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In addition to academic support and classes provided in the school, during summer holidays, our campus offers a wide variety of activities, including academic, sports and arts programs, and community service opportunities. These extra curricular classes and activities allow students explore their interests and express their strengths in a positive manner. Through their involvement in such programs, they begin to develop confidence and social skills while gaining valuable skills and experience that can be applied to later studies and in different schools. Though participa tion is not mandat ory, all students are highly encouraged to take part in such activities in order to become well rounded, enga ged learners. Designed for young students from 7 yea rs to 13 years old, this engaging program me includes a wide variety of learn ing activities, all of which are design ed to give your child a boost in key skill sets essential to success in upper primary school If you're seeking to give your child a well rounded summer, filled with both fun and learning, this progra mme is ideal. Blending a variety of skills sets in math, English and the arts, students from classes 3rd to 7th have the opportunity to enjoy learning games, sports, songs and dance, cooking lessons and more. More important, they receive the bene fit of extra prepa ration for the coming academic year, as well as basic social skills.


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