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Save A Child - DreamPark Educational and Welfare Programme


The Dreampark Educational trust has taken a philanthropic decision to propose and execute an Educational and Humanitarian Program for the welfare of children (under fifteen years of age) according to the fund raised. The service of this programme is available to a needy child without any regional considerations.

Chairman Presidant Secretary Treasurer
Mr. G.S. Sajikumar
Dreampark educational trust 
Mr. N. Krishnan pilla
(Unni Attingal)
Chairman FARA  
Mr. Jose kumar S.
Asst. Director,
Social justice dept
Govt. of Kerala 
Mrs. Seena G.S.
Dream park montessori

Mr. Vijayakumar
Attingal municipality 
Mrs. Bindhu sajikumar
Dream park
montessori pre school
Social justice Dept.
Govt of Kerala

Mrs. Jeenu G.Nath 
Head teacher
Dream park 
montessori pre school
Adv. Pradeep kumar G.K
Attingal Bar council



  1. The poor children studying in Govt. schools.

  2. The poor children who are unable to undergo treatment due to penury.

  3. The children of impoverished and destitute parents who are unable to work due to physical disability.


  1. Financial aid may grant to poor children who are unable to carry on their studies due to economic distress.

  2. The children who are handicapped by birth, the children who suffer from cancer, pediatric cardiac disorders, HIV, MDRTB, renal and liver affections, rheumatic complaints the diabetics requiring insulin injection, partial paralysis, psychic disorders, audio –visual diseases, genetic disorders and those children who cannot afford to purchase medicines due to financial constraints are the main eligible beneficiaries of the welfare programme. Financial Assistance may be granted to children who are weak also. Kids who are orphan may also be given aid considering the nature of their diseases and the ambience in which they exist.


A joint bank account will be opened in the name of the President, the Secretary and the Treasure of the executive committee. The donations contributed by generous and liberal philanthropists and parents will be credited to this joint account. The financial assistance and concessions may be delivered from this money.

  1. This fund shall be utilized only for those in the first and the second categories

(Vide Para (1 & 2)

  1. The chairman of the Dreampark Educational Trust shall be the permanent chairman of this programme. The Treasure shall be a female member of the staff of the trust. The president and the secretary may be nominated by the chairman from among the locals, ensuring their interest in social service. The executive committee comprises six local persons, from various walks of life known for their excellence in different areas. A decision on the programme shall be taken only if the majority of the members of the executive committee support it. The chairman enjoys the privilege of the casting vote. As for routine decisions, the voting right is enjoyed by all the members except the chairman if any one or more members of the executive committee are unable to be present at a sitting of the committee due to unavoidable reasons, in case they favour the decision taken by the available committee, they may sign the minutes afterwards, according to convenience. The majority of the members of the executive must support either for removing a member, or enlisting a new member. The number of the executive committee is limited to ten, including the chairman. The office of the Dreampark Education Trust will function as the office of this welfare programme as well.


If an application for financial aid that is submitted to a member of executive committee or brought to his/her notice, is within the parameters of the programme at first sight, arrangements may be made for sub mission of the application before the executive committee for consideration. Any application that does not satisfy the parameters of the programme will not be entertained.

  1. The parents of those who are the beneficiaries of this welfare programme should submit detailed requests in writing to the secretary. The secretary shall present these applications before the Executive committee for the final approval.

  2. A commission comprising two members nominated from within the executive committee shall ascertain the facts and truths and submit a report within seven days.

  3. The report of the enquiry commission shall be presented at the earliest by the secretary for consideration. After minute examinations and suitable, detailed discussion, the executive committee shall accept the application, reject it or accept it with amendments and alterations.

  4. If the executive committee is convinced of the legitimacy of the application, financial aid may be granted as per the nature of the application, the economic situation of the applicant and the availability of fund.

  5. Nobody is entitled to demand financial aid as his/her right.

  6. Financial aid may be granted considering the special features of the application and the circumstances of the applicant. The amount granted may be increased or reduced or revoked without notice, on the basis of valid reasons.

  7. The power for granting financial aid or assistance rests purely with the executive committee, The consensus reached by the committee shall be absolute and final.


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